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We’re Forex traders who are all about Forex good money management.

Forex Risk Money ManagementWe understand what it takes about Forex trading to exponentially increase or protect your Forex trading account. We think that while Forex currency exchange is one of the best ways to have a full or part time job, there are issues that are typical to traders and good money management is number one on the list. When we are talking about Forex currency exchange with regards to good money management, we created the Master Money Bot management system. This system is based on professional guidance in automatically protecting your money first of all, and then if you have a good trading method, to helping you take advantage of applying some of your profits to the risk. When you think about Forex profits you’ve earned, why not apply a percentage of your profits to the risk? This will help exponentially increase your account. This makes a great alternative to the Forex trader who has a small account and also to the ones who have large trading accounts. As you can see from our feedback, we intend to ensure satisfaction with our trading tools for Forex currency exchange Risk Management.


Master Money Bot Forex Trading System

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Master Money Bot Elite: Totally customizable to your risk settings! The New Master Money Bot Elite now gives you more information about your remaining margin you will have left after you place the trade. The Master Money Bot is placed on your charts for Lot Sizing and Risk Management. The New Elite Version gives you not only the next lot size to use but also the available margin that will remain after you use that lot size on your next trade.

Master Trade Panel: One of the best Forex Trading System software available for trading Forex. Totally customizable to your risk settings! The Master Trade Panel Forex Trading System software uses Master Money Bot Lot Sizing to calculate your lot size instantly by simply typing in the trade panel where you want your stop to be. Or just click Buy/Sell and have an instant trade using your default calculations.


Trading Forum: Now you can not only have the best Forex Trading System money management, knowing your proper lot size, but also discuss how to enter successful trades with other professional traders. The Master Money Bot Forex Trading Forum is a great place to find ways to help you discuss a trade you may want to make. When in a winning trade to know proper stop loss placement and when to take profit is also a good discussion. You can manage your Forex Trading System skills like the pros knowing successful trade execution and money management. The Master Money Bot Trading Forum is for members of the Master Money Bot Forex Trading System.


About Forex MT4 Master Money Bot Indicator

Our Master Money Bot Mt4 Forex indicator shows you at the top of your chart what your next lot size should be.  This lot size is mathematically calculated by the settings that you enter into the Master Money Bot Mt4 indicator inputs. There are several options get forex success textwhere you can help to manage your trade size and options for what you display on the chart. Since this is an MT4 indicator it does not interfere with any other indicators or EA’s you may be using for Forex trading. With the Master Money Bot, you see the lot size displayed on your chart and know what your next trade size should be. If you wish to automate the lot size entry, we also have the Master Trade Panel.


Mt4 Master Trade Panel

The Master Trade Panel is a separate software that you install on your computer. When you open the Trade Panel you will have a separate window to enter trades through. These trades will automatically enter the Master Money Bot risk management lot size. The trade Panel also helps you to manage those trades you place by giving you several different options to manage them.  Please take a look at our master trade panel video and see how it works.

We pride ourselves on professional tools for professional and non-professional Forex traders. We are available Monday thru Friday if you have questions. You also can contact us through the Live Chat button in the right hand column of this page.


We wish you great Mt4 Forex trading success and hope that your trading will be blessed!


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